Broken (BTS Jungkook Fanfic) [On-Hold]

Broken (BTS Jungkook Fanfic) [On-Hold]

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M i n d By LoveBTSJimin Updated Jul 14, 2016

Jeon Jungkook, the boy who fits perfectly with most of the girl's ideal type:
Handsome, cute, sweet, athletic and talented.

Jung Somin, the quiet girl who don't socialize with most of the people. 
She hates popular people, especially for the girls. Why you ask? They bullied her because she was closed to the popular boys of the school. Apparently, none of the student knows that one of the popular boys, Jung Hoseok, was her brother. No one. Not even her brother's group.

They're different. Well, you thought, but they have one thing in common. They are both broken, mentally.

What would happen when they meet each other? Especaially when Somin have to be an English tutor for Jungkook- the worst English student- everday after school? Would Somin find out what Jungkook's fear was? How about his past?

What about when they got closer and learn each other's story? Will they fall for each other?


Will they be forever broken?

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GoldenMaknae__x GoldenMaknae__x Jul 07, 2017
THEM?!??! so does she not want her sitting whit heoseok, And the rest of bts? THEORY😂😂😂👌 JK
xo_camkook xo_camkook Jan 21
No i dont agree becuz ill be a loner that doesnt leave my room and listens to kpop in the corner, and in dark....
I’m legit reading this at 3am because I had no time to read it earlier due to school sports, English essay, bio hw, math hw, make up Spanish hw, and study for an English exam. Yes I agree with you.
SakuraSprings SakuraSprings Apr 19, 2017
Ahhhhh, I can't totally imagine that! 😂 😂  But instead of being embarrassed like Jungkook, I would've joined in with them 😂
seoulitics seoulitics Jul 14, 2017
listen here minhye, they're siblings for god sake get some sense into ur head
baconskookie13 baconskookie13 Jul 23, 2017
I hate this loss type off people 
                              So I get what she thinks