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Heavenly Love (on Hold)

Heavenly Love (on Hold)

1.9K Reads 50 Votes 8 Part Story
Sofia By sophie18 Updated Jul 16, 2012

Scarlett`s life was perfect. Then her father left, and all changed. Now she's in a boarding school in Italy, but it's not what she thought it was. She'll learn dark secrets of her past, and discover she still has things to figure out. 

Will she be able to do all that and still get a B in "History of The Mortal World?"

- - Feb 27, 2011
Great job. Only thing that bothers me is the Hi my name is.... It's sounds like your writing report about yourself. But other than that I liked the realistic-ness of it and the quality. Great job. Just remember to return the favor!
Phamous Phamous Jan 24, 2011
i liked it. its very realistic and interesting. however there were a few mistakes you might want to correct. "voted" i also hope evrything works out for her!!
kirachambers kirachambers Aug 30, 2010
@sophie18 lol np :p check out my stories sometimes if you will and feel free to comment however you want! c:
sophie18 sophie18 Aug 28, 2010
@kirachambers thanks for reading! and thanks for the tip, grammar has never been my fort XD and thanks for the word!
kirachambers kirachambers Aug 28, 2010
It's nice just started reading it. Not to be rude or anything but grammer mistakes sorry :/ and uhm I think it's called a luggage cart or something like that.
sophie18 sophie18 Jul 31, 2010
@softballchick129 thanks you im working on the second chapter right now :)