Creek (Craig X Tweek) || You're My Savior and Song

Creek (Craig X Tweek) || You're My Savior and Song

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MAKE CREEK CANON PLEASE By Tweek-Tweak Updated Apr 05, 2015

Tweek is forced to leave his original home and coffee shop when the government slowly starts to fail. While there he discovers the dangers and differences in the harsher life of a harsher life. That's not all... He discovers new emotions that seem much more confusing than what he had known before.


The characters do not belong to me and I hope you enjoy! 

P.S This is more dramatical and the romance comes in later than other fanfictions!

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DeadAccout DeadAccout May 11, 2017
I have pretty much the same diet as Tweek, not because he's my favorite, but because that's how I live (with the forced lunches of school/hell)
iBlaxxe iBlaxxe Apr 10, 2016
SHES ALL LIKE "bitch imma pimp slap you if you don't leave that room"
AresGetsNoBoobies AresGetsNoBoobies Nov 08, 2015
At first it said no reads no stars no comments and I was like yassssssssssss, I get to be the first one. Then they all showed up.
TyleRII TyleRII Aug 14, 2015
huh weird I've drank coffee numerous times and I'm hella tall