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Bleed Until You Heal

Bleed Until You Heal

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Madeline By writerbug44 Completed

Jo Mast had a rough start to life. Up until she was seven, Jo had lived in an abusive household with only her pretend adventures in the tree house next door with the neighbor boy to keep her sane. Now, Jo is all grown up and the dark memories of her early years have faded. She now had Jasper and a full ride scholarship to college and she’s happy with her life. 
However, when she moves to go to school that just so happens to be in her old hometown, Jo must dig up old memories that she had spent many years burying. And that just might include finding the boy from the tree house that she’d said goodbye to so many years before. 
With the help of her friends, old and new, Jo finds a way to maneuver through the struggles of moving away from home and really finding out what it feels like to grow up.

Jewels208 Jewels208 May 16
haven't even started reading but I think I'm already in love just because of how beautiful these titles are.
When I was 8 my grandma was dying in my house and I had to act like an adult and only cry now like when you get the natural reaction when in pain I became like an adult after that. I even had to feed her.
lalalotttie lalalotttie May 12
When I was seven i went to family parties that lasted until the morning and when i went home my mother (my parents are divorced) was really mad at me. I was like those teenagers who party every weekend at 7 😂😂
midnight_amw midnight_amw Jul 13, 2016
This is so cute it makes me sad. I WASTED MY CHILDHOOD! I'M NOT THAT OLD, BUT STILL. Older than 7 but younger than 15.
ilya1432 ilya1432 Nov 06, 2016
I would just like to know does this have swearing I would like to purchase the paperback
Pizzagirl-WA Pizzagirl-WA Jul 26, 2016
It hurts u when ur my kind of crazy. I laughed so hard that I fell and I scraped my knee. I was wearing shorts and we were at Mcdonalds. It kept on bleeding. 😣