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Twilight Wolf Imagines

Twilight Wolf Imagines

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xoxo By wildlife_143 Updated Oct 08, 2015

Imagines and your requests for the La Push pack <3 Train of feels. TRAIN OF FEELS

louisismylifechanger louisismylifechanger Dec 03, 2016
                              Paul make me angry and I find out I shift. Then only jake can control my anger but they couldn't find him
                              Protective sweet caring
DrZoidbergs DrZoidbergs Jul 28, 2016
                              Best friend and then gets ignored by Jacob cause Jacob love Bella after a year Jacob realize that Flida is her imprint then they start dating and married then have kids I don't know just make it good 
                              Jacob- flirty or hot 
                                    Sweet and protective
redridinghood54 redridinghood54 Nov 22, 2016
                              Is in a coffee shop getting coffee and he bumps into me spilling coffee all over my favorite shirt
                              Cute protective sweet
TokyoGhoulToukaChan TokyoGhoulToukaChan Apr 29, 2016
Name: Danyssa (use my profile picture for what i look like)
                              Guy: Sam
                              Situation: imprinting (like I'm his imprint instead of Emily and I'm a Clearwater, Leah and Seth's older sister) and Leah isn't happy
                              Careful, protective, cute, cuddly
elliemay9230 elliemay9230 Jun 30, 2016
                              Was with Edward but cheats on with Bella and Jacob comforts and pulls in for a kiss (detailed plz)
                              Sweet etc
BriannaOlide8 BriannaOlide8 Dec 01, 2016
                              Finds me alone in the forest crying and he asks me if I am okay and I tell him my ex-boyfriend dump me we I found out that he cheated on me
                              Sweet,angry, and protective