Enchanted (Princess Charming #2)

Enchanted (Princess Charming #2)

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Lord Voldemort By repswiftly Updated Mar 18, 2014

What happens when Isabelle gets everything and Nathan…loses everything?

It’s been five years since Nathan and Isabelle got married. They already have a son and now their new born daughter will join them. It has been a magical five years for both because they had each other.

Nothing lasts forever.

In a turn of events, a surprise comes Isabelle’s way and everything goes downhill for Nathan. When a rumour spreads that Franklin Blake’s will was forged, Nathan has no where to go as he was left nothing.

When Isabelle gets a surprise visit from two people – she has the shock of her life and a chance to help Nathan. Unfortunately, he refuses.

They live separately despite the fact they love each other.

Isabelle is kept in the dark while Nathan tries to get to the bottom of the forged will.

Things change and they feel as if they’re drifting apart…

…all thanks to an old enemy.


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rehma_omer13 rehma_omer13 Jan 18, 2017
But this is getting good now he's so tall and handsome as hell
clbrrtta clbrrtta Nov 19, 2013
I've read Princess Charming and it's a very nice story. Hope you'll update this sequel. :)
MehwishAlam MehwishAlam Sep 24, 2013
Omg I don't want Nathan and issabelle to drift apart just read princess charming been meaning to for a long time but I dont want anything to happen to them
repswiftly repswiftly Feb 22, 2013
@MadzzX Thanks, I guess I wanted to keep it similar since it's a sequel. :)
ChalantLover ChalantLover Jan 19, 2013
I love love love love the name! I can't wait for the next update because it always kills me to wait! I love this
emilykiserrocks emilykiserrocks Jan 05, 2013
I have been waiting 4 this since I finished princess charming in like October I would look for it every day and the finally I found it and I was like o my gosh its finally here