Dying Flames

Dying Flames

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Tris- A broken servant girl who continues to be auctioned from person to person. With no individuality or freedom, she is devoted to a life with abusive masters and a life with many stepping stones. Finally, she is to be resold at the annual auction.

Four- A quiet, antisocial master of a laseerge property, who is willing to let his servants go as they please. With no harsh commands, the girl servants of his house long for someone new, Four has them go to the auction.

Will there worlds collide? Will Tris overcome her insecurities? Can Four break down her walls?


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That happens in Insurgent when she was on the peace serum and couldn't walk straight so he just carried her!!!!!!!!!!
Rose_Realm Rose_Realm Jan 09, 2016
I want to fückîng jump in this book and kíll that man!🔪
divergentlover_ divergentlover_ Dec 26, 2015
This is by far your best story you've wrote and defiantly my favourite! Re-reading for the like twelfth time ahaha
Cass_23_9 Cass_23_9 Sep 11, 2015
hey awesome book can you guys read mine i have two chapter's so far
HopefulSmile_ HopefulSmile_ Apr 01, 2015
And here we see the start of another fan fiction obsession for me!  But I'm glad! Keep up the good work!
E-Easton16 E-Easton16 Apr 01, 2015
I love it already and the detail can't wait for the other updates