Maybe I'm not Worthless (A Jimin and BTS fic)

Maybe I'm not Worthless (A Jimin and BTS fic)

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Jimin's wife By yoonmin_forevs Completed

Jimin has always been the nerd of the school.He used to have friends. 
He had Namjoon, Suga,Jungkook,Jin,JHope,and V. 
One day they became just like the rest. What did Jimin do to them? His friends were all he had and now they despise him more than anybody. Maybe they just realized how worthless he really was. After that was when Jimin became depressed. The bullying didn't get to him before because he had the rest of BTS. Now he had nothing and it hurt. He had no one . No matter how much he cried or how many times he tried to tell someone , anyone no one listened. No one cared.Why did they leave him? 

What happens when BTS sees their old friend try to jump off a bridge? When they see Jimin try to end it? Will they lose Jimin? Or will they try to pick up the pieces of Jimin they shattered?

#10 in fan fiction 8/24/16

Warnings: mentions of self harm, starvation,depression, suicide ATTEMPT. Do not read if you have been through this and are worried it will cause traumatic memories I would hate to cause anyone pain

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TheKeyToYourVibes TheKeyToYourVibes Dec 03, 2017
I thought eyeshadow made him more confident, maybe I’m just mixing it up with eye makeup or somthing
I wish I could do that, I have curly hair and there is no way that I can look semi-decent without actually putting effort into it
jiministyy jiministyy May 12
if fat is the same as abs and a nice ass then i want to be fat like jimin 😂
secksi secksi Feb 01
is it me or everytime i hear 2pac i just feel the urge to cry...
threedollajimin threedollajimin Dec 21, 2017
Okay so I read the teaser and I started crying like dude help me