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NaLu- Can't tell him.

NaLu- Can't tell him.

9.1K Reads 178 Votes 7 Part Story
•\\\• By NashiFairytail- Completed

Lucy is abused and beat, when Natsu finds out who beats her, what will happen.

xXnalu_fanXx xXnalu_fanXx Nov 30, 2016
Heeeeeyyyy. Only natsu can lucy, luce... How dare you, happy?
KinanaMisoTayaki KinanaMisoTayaki Nov 17, 2016
I would never say yes to this crackhead...
                              (Then again i am asexual and therefore would not say yes to any crackhead but still...)
Why loke are you trying to torture him?!
                              HES A FREAKING CAT!!!!
                              Call aquarious or virgo for gods sake...
MeleniaHeart MeleniaHeart Sep 24, 2016
Wait...wait...How?! Ugh wait...His fake "gf" just died and he already called Lucy "babe" pffft 😂
NashiFairytail- NashiFairytail- Apr 04, 2015
I felt like it needed more violence because the guy was a maniac
Demenal Demenal Apr 04, 2015
This guy needs to go to the deepest areas of taataros and rot there for the remainder of his pitiful existance