Sam Winchester x Reader

Sam Winchester x Reader

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Naticye Rosalie By Soullessdemontrap Completed

Between even injuries, curses, and kidnappings, can love truly blossum?

A horrible past, and even more troublesome future. This is all you have ever known, but can a pair of brothers change this fate?

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Kanachi108 Kanachi108 Apr 22, 2017
I totally agree with you on the smutty stuff but unfortunately I won't hear the end of it if I don't put it in my upcoming fanfic my friend REALLY wants me
fandomqueen3 fandomqueen3 Sep 17, 2017
Bad spelling is better lol I can at least figure out what's your saying lol
I’m sorry but I couldn’t help but laugh at the pic at the top XD
                              Dean shakes on dem haters bro XD
wdwbabesseavy wdwbabesseavy Aug 21, 2017
I love supernatural my mom thinks I'm weird but how can I not I mean dean is so hot 😂
RavenWolfblood24 RavenWolfblood24 Dec 29, 2017
Dean are u trying to be like Andy? ^-^ cause I sense a little Andy in that comment ^-^ if anyone knows what I'm talking about, HIGH FIVE! *high fives people who know what I'm talking bout* ^-^
i have never seen an episode of supernatural in my life.
                              but yolo!
                              (but im pretty good with stuff like this. i might not know what everything means or i might not know people but im usually good at understanding whats happening)