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My Two Older Annoying Overprotective Brothers    {#Wattys2015}

My Two Older Annoying Overprotective Brothers {#Wattys2015}

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Nicole Olivia By Readers_2213 Completed

Ella Green is slightly less than average, she may have the friends, the high school crush, but that's where is stops.

Ella suffers from having a sad past, two overprotective brothers, and is so clumsy she found a way to fall in love with not one person but three.

Ella spends all summer with the three boys trying to figure which one is the one for her, while trying to deal with her two older annoying overprotective older brothers.

This book will separate thoughts on who is better......

Caden!! - @ReneeWeelinck

Still team Kaleb all the way!!!!! He is beautiful and the kind of guy I want to end up with. Tall, caring, and an all around nice guy...☺ - @dancing_tink

Team Caden or Jacob Not Kaleb - @Pandanash14

It will make you so emotional.....

Well that was very insensitive of you, ending it and making us wait like that. *tear*.....*sobs*.......*hysterical crying* - @JessRoon 

Laughing way to much at that one sentence - @batman_em15

xvx_GirlOnFire_xvx xvx_GirlOnFire_xvx Jun 25, 2016
Wow I get up,do homework,get dressed for school,eat breakfast in 30 minutes.
Female-Killer-Clown Female-Killer-Clown Jul 02, 2016
I feel ugly (I'm pretty sure I am anyway) she is sooo pretty
jennaizzie jennaizzie Dec 31, 2015
I would be like bitch I could watch 3 chick flicks fix my makeup from my crying clean my room and get ready in that time so * flips hair onto shoulder* yeah
Shingeki-No-Destiel Shingeki-No-Destiel Apr 15, 2015
This story is amazing. I absolutely love it. You're an amazing writer.
dancing_tink dancing_tink Apr 14, 2015
Never give up on this book!! The thing that you do need to give up however is the posting one a week rule! I need an update daily!
da_three_enchiladas da_three_enchiladas Apr 08, 2015
Very good book it was the best book I have ever read I loved it so much please keep writing even though I'm not done reading yet it is so awesome I love it so much , there are no words to express how good it is. You are such a good writer!!!!!❤