Born With A Dragon Tattoo - Hiccup x Reader

Born With A Dragon Tattoo - Hiccup x Reader

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By the age of five the people of Berk had found you and taken you in and accepted you as one of their own. You are friends with pretty much everyone there AND you have your own NIGHT FURY. But you have been living on Berk for 14 years and no one knows why you were abandoned. No one knows about the so called dragon mark you were born with. You are now nineteen years old and you are struggling to hold back the power you hold and you become a threat to the village. But can a certain someone help you or will you put his life in danger too?

(Y/N) -Your Name
(D/N) - Dragon Name

This is my first ever proper story so I really hope you enjoy it and if you have any ideas on where you want it to go, feel free to comment.

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Same. I'm currently in bed covered head to toe with a blanket and just reading for like the past hour.
Something tells me this will be my favourite story I have read yet
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Hehe... I'm stalking Voldemort 'cause You-Know-who hehehehheeh
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I'm currently sitting on my reclining couch with it reclined and a blanket covering my whole body, I've been doing this for the past like five or six hours. You call yourself lazy.😂
Gravity and jielarth the Night Fury, the most unstoppable pair
Every time I see the D/N sign, I keep thinking 'Oh yeah, DNA. Weird name for a dragon but whatever.'