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Linn Victoria Brekke By butterfly94 Updated 2 days ago

His body was as powerful and sexual as I remembered it, he had gotten another tattoo on his shoulder since the last time, a few more scars then I remembered on his chest. His back rippled with muscles as he pulled on a fresh white shirt, my eyes transfixed as he took his time buttoning it up. 
Somehow it was almost more of a turn on watching him put on his clothes than him taking them off, almost. 

He wiped the blood off his hands with a kitchen apron in a slow steady motion and I pressed myself back against the wall when his eyes focused on me. My eyes flittered to the back door and I battled with myself on whether or not I could make it before he caught me, I couldn't. 
He tossed the apron over an empty sink and stalked towards me slowly, a predator in every sense of the word and my eyes drifted to the bloody mess of a man on the kitchen floor, was that going to be me in a second? 
He stopped just in front of me and reached out to stroke my cheek and I closed my eyes, leaning into his touch despite knowing better. My eyes snapped open when he grabbed my chin tightly and forced me to look at him, was this it, was he going to snap my neck and dispose of my body now? 
"Touch another man again, and I will kill you" his voice was low and promising and I swallowed as he let go of my chin, pressing a rough kiss to my lips before grabbing my elbow and dragging me out of the kitchen. 
So much for that arrangement...

svvlitv svvlitv Jul 06
Mamá, ¿necesitas un poco de ayuda? That would be the correct way of saying that
Fast and the freaking furious. Hell yeah that's Letty for ya!!
dutchlatingirl dutchlatingirl May 22, 2016
Omg like Letty from Fast and Furious! That is so awesome! I always wanted to be like Letty :))
Uknowwho1313 Uknowwho1313 Aug 19, 2016
Whenever we have a party alright a lot of alcohol, there's only loud music, endless dancing and crocodile tears until the early hours of the next day. It sounds so different... I wish I could attend a party like this... 😔
A_large_baguette A_large_baguette Sep 16, 2016
If you were going to use qué, you would need a comma, but the sentence does not need it at all. And it would not be "ni hija" it would be "no hija" no is the same between the two languages. 🙂🤓
She is continuously disobeying her father . Several times her father told her to go inside but she didn't.  Her character is annoying