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JereMike: Highschool

JereMike: Highschool

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JellyFishUnite By JellyFishUnite Completed

Jeremy: Age 17. Cute, shy, alittle stuttery, kind, and sexy. He has just moved into the neighborhood where Mike lives. Jeremy has a mother and father with one older brother, called Sam. Mike and Jeremy got to the same school. Gay.

Mike: Age 17. Badass, stupid, hot, kind, and helpful. He only has a mother and one sister named Vari. Goes to Jeremys school. Biosexual.

(Other additional characters as Fritz, Vincent, Doll, and Scott)

Underafterofficial Underafterofficial Dec 14, 2016
                              MY MOTHER TOLD ME GAY WAS THE MINORITY! 
                              MY MOTHER LIED TO MEEEEEEEEE.
                              Oh well.
                              I wanna be gay now.
                              So I can be happy
I some times shudder and ppl always correct me it's rlly annoying 😂
Underafterofficial Underafterofficial Dec 13, 2016
Fastly isn't a word.
                              (That sounded rude,didn't it?)
                              (Sorry :()
KGBedard KGBedard Jan 13
I wish my teacher was like this too:
                              With a cool name
                              And doesn't speak to me right away or look at me like I've murdered their family if I don't show up to class on time!
KGBedard KGBedard Jan 13
Give me this schedule for my school day! I'd kill to have this schedule!
Alrighty then
                              Good, good. 
                              Vincent you better not come up and kill anyone