A Wizard in the Ninja World? (Fairy Tail/Naruto Crossover)

A Wizard in the Ninja World? (Fairy Tail/Naruto Crossover)

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Naru Segawe By NaruIshikawa Updated May 12, 2017

Elina Scarlet, the Mighty Titania's little sister, Erza Scarlet. A wizard like her big sister and a member of Fairy Tail. Her magic is the same as Erza but she can only wear her armors at the age of 16 since they all dont fit her yet, she is 13 years old after all. She also learned Ice Magic from Gray since Elina thought it will be a use for her and she was very interested on learning them.

When Elina went on a walk after her job with Lucy and Wendy, she felt a strange energy somewhere in the forest. So she went to look for it. What she did not expect that she was sucked in a portal and was transported....in the Ninja World?!

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Luckybell Luckybell Feb 19
Technically Ezra can’t have a younger sister unless they’re twins considering the way how she’s born but since it’s a fan fiction....whatever goes...screw logic
ohhhhhhhhhhh, do I sense a shadow shaped as a 4? Cause this is some very obvious foreshadowing
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