Blue Exorcist (Bon x Reader)

Blue Exorcist (Bon x Reader)

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You enrolled to True Cross Academy, you want to become the 'Arc Knight' to show you two dads what you can do. Yes you got two dads, Satan himself and your original dad (your dad). your parents died by the blue flames when you were 10. Your mother was a Arc knights, so you decide to follow in her steps, therefore your dad died by Satan from his blue flame.

 (Ok if you love your dad in real life, then in this story you hate your dad) Your dad always said you'd never make it to 'Arc knight' so you made a deal with him, your deal was that he would move out, but his deal was for you to buy him dinner every day, but your dad died. You my friend are part demon, part human, and part angel. Three forms. you got three forms!! I'm so happy for you!!

I know the description is very confusing, I'll try to edit later on... I wrote this story when I was 13... Enjoy!

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PerfectPandaBear PerfectPandaBear Sep 13, 2017
I feel bad for the girls who read a fanfic and it's where the reader has big breasts but in reality they don't. I'm so sorry! I feel so bad! Cuz when you guys feel bad then I feel bad! 😭
XxCookieBluexX XxCookieBluexX May 03, 2017
Be cause you are Satan daughter
                              Kinda reminds me of Moonkitti's Starkit prophecy
YoshiPrincess YoshiPrincess Aug 30, 2017
Let me just hug my chest as I go and feel insecure about this
-Slut-For-Memes- -Slut-For-Memes- May 01, 2016
All my characters in my books have one thing I don't ..... boobs......
Teary__Eyes Teary__Eyes Dec 09, 2016
This is true actually, compared to my friends, They're peas XD
Klance_is_Canon Klance_is_Canon Oct 18, 2016
In the description it said "two dads" and I was like "are they together?? " (that is a good question,  no offense)