Tore it off your wrist tonight

Tore it off your wrist tonight

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Dancing Fuentes By DancingFuentes Completed

A/N: Ok so, there is mild language in this story mainly because one of the main characters is a teenage Mike Fuentes  so, sorry for that I guess? Alright, enjoy 

Mike's POV- "Alright, I guess that's the bell" I heard Ms 'Whatever her name was' say. I smirked and got up, slinging my backpack on my shoulder. I strut out of the classroom and rush to Ainsley. She was leaning against the locker. I grinned at her and pulled her in for a kiss. "Mike.." She started. "Yea?" 
"I can't go today... I'm sorry." 
I frowned.
"Well why the hell not? It's our first damn gig" I said. Our band Before Today made by me, my brother Vic and our friends would finally play a real show today, and Ainsley couldn't go? It wasn't the first time she hasn't gone somewhere with me, and it was no surprise she was with another guy.
"I'm sorry Mikey, I'm grounded." She whined.
I moved closer to her so our faces alined.
"Bull." I said slowly.
"Mike! It's true, I'm sorry. I'd do anything to g-" 

"U-uh, sorry, I need to ...

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My love for you was bulletproof but you're the one who shot mw
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Everything but school supplies, that literally sums up my school experience
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Ugh im so pissed I cant vote on stories rn cause this shits good
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*sighs*   why can't I be a good writter as you? but this was AMAZING!! love it so far!  
                              ((I know why it's impossible for my mind to concentrate and talk well damn you hyper active mind))