A Phantomhive.  {OHSHC and Black Butler Crossover}. Discontinued

A Phantomhive. {OHSHC and Black Butler Crossover}. Discontinued

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Remi By _RainGod_ Updated May 17, 2016

After being away in England for 10 years, {Y/N} Phantomhive has finally moved back to Japan.Once she transfers to Ouran Highschool Her life takes some weird turns as she runs into an old friends and makes some crazy new ones. 

Host Club x Reader {Love Story}

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Ouran Highschool Host Neither do I own Black Butler or You.I do however own this story and the ideas written in this story so no copyrighting  please and thank you!

Note: This story is discontinued, If you liked it or one of the previous readers there's a re-written version called 'One Hell Of A Host'

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ImGomi ImGomi May 13
I want sebby to exist and be the leader of the cute cat fan club
I thought it said lips and I almost freaked out an I am  in the middle of class right now
RUN AWAY THAT DRESS IS HIDEOUS! It looks like a banana and a mushroom had a baby in a tornado!
Ciel: Y/N, I am your father
                              Me: k, if my moms that blond whore I'll run to an adoption center real quick
Inunana Inunana Dec 21, 2016
Where it says 'wherever i go' it got me thinking about an Hollywood Undead song which I started singing randomly. ...XD     :3
TheToxicGalaxy TheToxicGalaxy Jun 06, 2016
Forced to sit by one of the devil twins. Ehhhhh..
                              I LOVE THE IDEA