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sasunaru fanfic. rated m!

sasunaru fanfic. rated m!

83.8K Reads 1.4K Votes 7 Part Story
Kimberly Howard By kellinquinnlover Completed

sasunaru! don't like? then don't read! rated m for you now what ;3. contains yaoi and slight spankings. I do not own naruto or any of the characters. all rights belong to kishimoto and the people who do own naruto. lol. MA content.

nats15u nats15u Jul 25, 2016
You know I like the parts where sasuke smacks naruto ass alot
kathy_love123 kathy_love123 Sep 25, 2015
I like it but it made my head hurt like when u are doing the hand stand and u feel the boold rushing to ur head i then felt dizzy and the i smiled i think i like this short book
Casey_Knight Casey_Knight Dec 31, 2013
Damn that was sexy... But I have to wonder... What is the nine tailed fox demon thinking right now XD
Fanfic_Ninja Fanfic_Ninja Apr 14, 2013
I could feel my face heat as I read this, this is my first time reading boyxboy
kellinquinnlover kellinquinnlover Feb 21, 2013
Kay! I'll try, would rather it be longer as in the story itself or a longer story line rather than just a one shot?