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X-Men Preferences

X-Men Preferences

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RandomStoryLover226 By RandomStoryLover226 Updated Apr 04, 2016

This is basically what it says on the tin- a set of X-Men Preferences, but containing guys from the X-Men Trilogy, X-Men Origins, X-Men First Class, and X-Men Days of Future Past.
The guys included will be:
Scott Summers (Cyclops)
Bobby Drake (Iceman)
Piotr Rasputin (Colossus)
Warren Worthington (Angel)
Wade Wilson (Deadpool)
Remy Lebeau (Gambit)
Alex Summers (Havok)
Young Hank Mccoy (Beast)
Young Charles (Professor X)
Pietro Maximoff (Quicksilver)
I'll keep you updates as to whether I'm going to discard any or bring any more characters in.
If you have a character you'd like in the preferences, comment or message me and I'll have a think :)

bitterswxt bitterswxt Jul 28, 2016
I remember my first time ice skating. Fell on my butt the first few tries
MrsRomanGodfrey MrsRomanGodfrey Jun 28, 2016
He actually wasn't that short. By the standards of that time frame he was tall
bitterswxt bitterswxt Jul 28, 2016
I do not know how I did it but the last time I did the hydrogen test I nearly set the entire lab on fire along with my lab partner
I don't do ice skating nor i've ever been skating, but i've watch Yuri!!! On Ice so i might have some knowledge
DreamescapadeXx DreamescapadeXx Dec 29, 2015
Wow you are really talented at writing!!! Wow! Like I've been looking for dead pool preferences for ages!
                              Also, could you add Logan and Eric maybe? 
EmydaElf EmydaElf Jun 22, 2015
This is very well written in a cool format I've never seen before. Would love to read more!