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If We Had Met First

If We Had Met First

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dcmckinlay97 By dcmckinlay97 Completed

A Vampire Diaries Fanfiction.
On the night of the party when Elena's parents were supposed to die driving off the bridge she met Damon before she could call them. The result? 100% alive parents and a longing to see him again. When she does she is overjoyed but things become complicated when she learns his secret. Not to mention Stefan will do anything he can to make sure his brother doesnt get a happy ending.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to the creators of the vampire diaries television series and LJ Smith. I do not claim credit for them or the places this story takes place. The only thing that belongs to me are characters of my own invention.

Anything with Damon, I love (I just started the TV series so I think I just doomed myself for spoilers...).
I know I Don't Deserve You Eliza
                              But hear me out and that would be enough....
                              I don't pretend to know
                              The challenges you're facing
                              I know that you need time...
                              But I am not afraid...
                              I know who I married...
TacoBellPhan TacoBellPhan Oct 26, 2016
Please don't use use stelena quotes/songs I literally just changed and i know everything sooo..... It hurts
WritingGirl46 WritingGirl46 Nov 25, 2016
I clicked on this for a causal read while I wait for 8x6 but nope I'm crying this isn't casual
DramaQueenTaylor DramaQueenTaylor Jul 15, 2016
Savobo16 Savobo16 Dec 30, 2014
The prologue is very interesting and I like it, i love the tv series and the books and yet I would like to read your own book. I love Delena and I love the fight between stelena and Delena, but I'm very sad that kathrine died! RIP!