Ensuing Apocalyptic ➸  C.G.

Ensuing Apocalyptic ➸ C.G.

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{the second in the Apocalyptic trilogy}
"In a world like this, you forget about the risks that were there before. The thing is...they're still there. Murder, abuse, the man made accidents. They are just as capable of killing you as being torn apart by walkers. While we protect ourselves from the dead, we also have to protect each other from the living."

Three years have passed since Sophie joined the group of survivors. Both her and Carl have been through a lot together, but have they found a safe place? Will they be able to rebuild their lives? Or will it all turn to hell again?

{©GlennIsBae 2015}

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mel_in_black mel_in_black Nov 10, 2016
I'm good at math and reading so I'd do great at this school it's science that gets me
Lau_lau_ren Lau_lau_ren Dec 27, 2016
I would do amazing at this school. Like seriously, it's all the things I'm good at. :D
Heavenly_heart123 Heavenly_heart123 Nov 30, 2016
Math I'm good at but I don't really care for it but reading is.......Lyfe
luvonedirection82803 luvonedirection82803 Feb 18, 2016
Oh god not again where's the damn condom she's gonna get pregnant again
DariaGamer223 DariaGamer223 Feb 05, 2016
Lol the Pythagorean theorem brought back so many memories. My math class back then had a class name and we were the  Pythagoreans, or the 'thags' is what my friends and I called it.
htpptumblr htpptumblr Jun 25, 2016
BEFORE PULLING OUT (pull out game weak af) I see another child coming (cumming 
                              I'm horrible I'm srry