Missing Paintbrush

Missing Paintbrush

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nicole By pegacornnicole Updated May 03, 2017

Lucas Sterling, school jock has a crush on Allisa Jordans, the quiet artist.

Allisa spends all her time drawing at her balcony and Lucas sits in his balcony in front of Allisa's and watches her while pretending to listen to music and relax. Allisa thinks Lucas is too popular for her so she has never spoken to him before.

Lucas dreams to get her one day but he sees that Allisa's best friend, Brandon Adams might be the one Allisa has a crush on. Is it true though?

One day Allisa lost her favourite paintbrush and maybe that might change some things.

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mychell-us mychell-us Apr 01, 2016
If u make all this up, u r amazing! & even if not it's still good
-Unilicious- -Unilicious- Jan 08, 2017
I hate it when couples call themselves 'babe' 'baby'. My sistet calls her boyfriend "babes" and just cringe in my mind.
PurpleDawn1 PurpleDawn1 Apr 23, 2016
I haven't even started reading but the description had me because I've yet to find a story where the popular male jock fancies the quiet girl. I'm excited :)
darkgalaxies darkgalaxies May 11, 2016
It's so cool... Even tho, I just have to say, no offense, but people... They aren't really what makes the beauty of the world since we're absolutely nothing in the universe... But I get what you mean
AnimeRewriter AnimeRewriter Feb 26, 2017
No boys say omg is he gay? And no quiet nerd will respond to someone screaming at them, much less say omg!
darkgalaxies darkgalaxies May 11, 2016
I love you by the way you're thinking! You're such a sweetie! <3