Starbound || Supernatural fanfic

Starbound || Supernatural fanfic

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k i c k i n g ❀ d a i s i e s By KickingTheDaisies Updated Apr 24, 2016

❝There was a prophecy. Left behind when the Darkness first crept away into the shadows, and the flowers of Eden were just blooming. A prophecy breathing of a girl. A girl with so much power in her veins and light in her voice, that God himself will bow to her... and three creatures will protect her, all born of loss and war; they will be the Knight, the Bishop and the Rook. They will be ready to protect her from the King at the other side of the chessboard: the one who seeks to control her. 
     ❝So, tell me --how much do you really know of the stars?❞      


     Sam and Dean Winchester. Brothers. Legends. Hunters... Monster killers. 
     They have been through it all, seen it all. They have fought Monster, Demon, Angel countless times. They have saved the world from total ruin over and over again. With the help of their trusty guardian angel, Castiel, they are known as unstoppable.
   Yes. They have faced it all... Or so they thought...

   Robyn Pimm is a normal sixteen year old girl. Growing up in England her whole life, she never thought anything could change. That is until she has to move to America.  
   But doing so is a big mistake, because there is a secret hiding deep within Robyn. A secret not even she knows... A secret that, once revealed, can change the entire world.
   For she is the unknowing Queen on a chessboard... and no one knows which side she will rule.

    A story of guns, stars, pies, and everything in between...

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clowathena clowathena Jul 14, 2017
Well, first of all the description is an effing masterpiece soooo I cannot wait to read it!
tomholland2k17 tomholland2k17 Mar 20, 2016
When will chapter 1 be up? You are literally KILLING me from excitement! I just can't wait!😱💕😭
Laxlover421 Laxlover421 Apr 25, 2016
One page in and I already friend-love you. Dammit. I told myself not to fall in friend-love with writers. Oh well.