Sleepover (PHAN x Reader SMUT)

Sleepover (PHAN x Reader SMUT)

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You have been close friends with Dan and Phil. Closer than Catrific. Next month is your 20th birthday. You have complained about not having a boyfriend, not yet experiencing this 'cuddling' or done the make out. You only heard and saw it on fan fics and movies. Well you weren't complaining but that what Dan and Phil thinks. After that day they have been doing some weird stuff to you that week.


~Bad Smut Writing Skillz~

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fiffyshadow fiffyshadow Aug 28
I never will be I don't feel love ( romantic love/affection ) 
                              basically I'm aromantic *'* and I could care less if I stay single forever as long as I have my Drarry fanfics 😂😂
I'm 13 and have already got a finger from a boy if yee no wat I mean week wonk week wonk
Kissing5SOS Kissing5SOS Aug 15
I'm turning 18 in less than a month and I've only hugged a guy
There's Sweet Innocent Baby Phil and Dan's gonna say something like: "I wish I could fück you rn." I love them both so much 😂
nochopie nochopie 7 days ago
Heres is a small tip, and sorry if I'm a bit rude?...Try not to choose stuff/assume stuff about the reader. I only read may be the first actual paragraph. I'd litteraly never wear that lmao. I don't know what to say really, just a small tip, hope I'm not being rude, just a bit of advice!
Just a tip for future stories, when writing an x reader fic you should try to avoid adding in any specifics about what my the person looks like or is wearing, unless relevant to the fic (Sorry if I sound rude, I’m not trying to be, just offering advice).