The Horrors you Face (boyxboy)

The Horrors you Face (boyxboy)

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Ciella By CiellaAnderson Updated Jul 13, 2016

England never felt the sudden need to be with someone until nightmares started occuring every night.

America started to notice the changes in England and it drives him to protect the nation even with his own confusing feelings.

How could this two cope up with the pace they're going through? Will they succumb or pull away?

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AekylRae AekylRae May 14, 2017
*serious for once* 
                              This is what fanfics do to you.
                              Don't do fanfics
zaaza956224 zaaza956224 Aug 31, 2017
But soon you'll be 'Murica *hugs him close* Soon you'll be.... =w=
America's weather is wayyy worse though. 
                              If this is what happens when England's depressed, then how depressed is Alfred?
                              jUsT a tHoUgHt o.0
Wind_Guardian27 Wind_Guardian27 Sep 06, 2016
Dude... Do we judge you when you have a freaking tornado or a forest fire?
- - Jul 16, 2016
Y'know how the country's moods depend the weather??
                              If I were a country, people would be on fire for one second, then freezing the next....
yourdamnwriter yourdamnwriter Jul 19, 2016
U poor British people does it always rain?! :0 doesn't it makes it hard???