How To Not Write A Cliche Zombie Book

How To Not Write A Cliche Zombie Book

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Welcome to How Not to Write A Cliche Zombie Book!

Within this book, you'll find everything from types of zombies, to bartering, to who to trust, and (of course) the cliches!

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I would like to add an 'experimented zombie
                              They were mutated or just being an evolved zombie (like in resident evil extinction)
                              They were, obviously, experimented with a serum they were injected with.
                              They are fast,strong, and a bit smarter.
                              For more specific, try to search for 'em
I liked it.  I especially liked the production company GK Films.
It depends on the authors and what they think terrifies more, either the slow and gradual approach of inevitable death, or the screaming, in your face, they can run faster than you can kind of terror.
Didn't know that about zombies... never watched or read anything about them...
That movie . _. When those zombies piled up on the wall,
                              It gave me the feeling that something was crawling on me like spiders😨(has archanaphobia)
Dementedkat Dementedkat Oct 12, 2016
THANK YOU!! I keep trying to tell people. You seem like someone has more then a little sents.