How To Not Write A Cliche Zombie Book

How To Not Write A Cliche Zombie Book

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Zombie Young Adult Collab Book Group By ZYACBG Updated Dec 01, 2016

Welcome to How Not to Write A Cliche Zombie Book!

Within this book, you'd find everything from types of zombies, bartering, who to trust and (of course) the Cliche's!

Is your book lacking?

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Maybe, you're just bored and decided to read this?

No matter what or who, we have something for all!

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Dementedkat Dementedkat Oct 12, 2016
THANK YOU!! I keep trying to tell people. You seem like someone has more then a little sents.
- - Feb 09, 2016
What about any zombies from 'The Last Of Us'? Like the fungi infected ones, they're pretty messed up.
BB_Rox BB_Rox Mar 16, 2016
Dont forget the zombies from dead island. ^_^* The suiciders scare me...But there is alot of types.
-ChimChimHarls- -ChimChimHarls- Jul 16, 2016
Me 🙋 and let me just say that.......THAT MOVIE WAS AWESOME (in my opinion)