The Satanic Bible - Anton Szandor LaVey

The Satanic Bible - Anton Szandor LaVey

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Update -
Holy shit. Nearly 56k reads and 1.2k votes?? That's insane! Thank you all! 
Unfortunately I don't use this account anymore and I want to start writing my own stories so they will all be posted here: @Broookeelynnn_  so if you want to check it out you should! (Shameless self promo oops)
 I can't believe some school project I did ended up so popular so again thank you all! I will not be logging back onto this account so if you want to see more check out my new account. I haven't checked this in over a year and tbh I cant remember most of it so if you have some questions and are desperate for answers use google, its your best friend.

Thanks so much again! And also, f you to everyone who hated this :) bye!


  I did not write this, all info and download is found on
  I made this so I could have someway for myself and others to read this on a phone etc.
  Please do not comment on how these beliefs are "stupid" or insult this religion in anyway, if your beliefs differ and you do not like this belief, don't read this, it's simple.
  All credit goes to Anton Szandor LaVey.

madison1274 madison1274 Mar 31
Thank you so much for writing this i really cant wait to read iy
Oh my god, I need to show this to my rabbi, he loves these kinds of things, I think
OMG ITS ON HERE!!!!! Thanks, man!! I've been trying to find a way to read it.
Alright, good thing to find this. I'm not a Laveyan, but I'd like to read this.
bihhwhat bihhwhat Jun 24
I've been wanting to read this without buying it. Thank you so much!
I've actually been wanting to read this just out of pure curiosity. thank you.