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The Bad Boys Fighter

The Bad Boys Fighter

6K Reads 164 Votes 10 Part Story
booksbufflemon By booksbufflemon Updated Feb 17, 2017

Willow Faye seemed like your ordinary nerdy girl. in school she was invisible straight A goody two-shoes but outside she was a underground fighter the best to be exact never lost a fight and was real stubborn and bitchy. but what happens when Alec Whitman follows her to her training warehouse and figures out her secret.

Alec Whitmen is your ordinary bad boy sturbbon,player, and cocky he rides the badass motorcycle and sleeps with every slut in school basically he is the man-whore. but what happens when he follows Willow Faye to her training warehouse and figures out her secret?

no one can know about the underground fighting unless you are the fighter or a certain type of fighter watching in the stands. anyone else finds out and you and that fighter are dead unless of course the boss gives you permission to tell and well there was no permission for Alec to know.

Will this following lead to love or death?

*a lot of cussing you have been warned

  • fighting
  • love
  • romance
  • secerts
  • underground