Hetalia Would You Rather

Hetalia Would You Rather

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♣ Eternal_Wonderland ♣ By CyberBlue189 Updated Jun 10, 2017

Greetings, Hetalians!

 This is the Hetalia version of the game, 'Would you rather...'. Each chapter has 5 WYRs and in the later chapters, there will be a random question. 

May you have lots of fun in this book of mine. Have an awesome day!

(Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya)

The pictures and gif(s) I use do not belong to me. CREDITS TO THE ARTIST!


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Kiva_Neko- Kiva_Neko- Apr 20
Romano and Italy as my brothers
                              Germany’s magazines?
                              BE HUGGED BY ITALY!!
                              Throw Greece’s cats on the wall (I’ll put pillows)
                              Run through Switzerland’s property (I love Austria’s piano)
Nicocoa145 Nicocoa145 May 26
1.)Romano and italy
                              2.)Japan's manga
                              3.)Russia ( idk why i just want to ;v;)
                              4.) Uhhh i dont have a strong punch anyway so uhh... i'll just ask permission first (sorry finland ;v; i'll punch softly)
                              5.) Run through switzerland's property ;v;
Punch Finland just a soft punch cuz my punches are weak.😑
1. um...Germany and Prussia 
                              2.Japans Hentai Manga
                              3.  hugged by Italy
                              4. As much as I love animals I will not punch Finland so throw the cats
                              5. Run through Switzerland's property
1. Italy and Romano because it sounds funny.
                              2. JFCCCCC- Japan’s, I can burn it after and show him its WRONG.
                              3. RUSSIIAAAAAAAA!
                              4. Punch Finland, then sprint as fast as Italy-
                              5. Run through, if others can survive I can too!
allyxn_ allyxn_ Jun 10
- Germany and Prussia
                              -Japans Manga
                              -Hug Russia ^J^
                              -Punch Finland Infront of sweden (then run BC I don't wanna diE)
                              -Run through Switzerlands property