☆ Hetalia Would You Rather ☆

☆ Hetalia Would You Rather ☆

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♣ Eternal_Wonderland ♣ By CyberBlue189 Updated Nov 05

Greetings, Hetalians!

 This is the Hetalia version of the game, 'Would you rather...'. Each chapter has 5 WYRs and in the later chapters, there will be a random question. 

May you have lots of fun in this book of mine. Have an awesome day!

(Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya)

The pictures and gif(s) I use do not belong to me. CREDITS TO THE ARTIST!


1.) Romano boi
                              2,) Hentai
                              3.) I'd hug russia because he's my role-model
                              4.) I would be making a death wish for both of them but I would punch Finland....IM SORRY TINO!!
                              5.) Run through Switzerlands property
ducksummoner ducksummoner 7 days ago
1) Italy
                              2) Hentai probably
                              3) Group hug
                              4) Animal abuse vs wife abuse
                              5) switzerland because why not
usagi_ame usagi_ame 2 hours ago
1. Germany and Prussia
                              2. Japan's hentai manga
                              3.hug Russia
                              4.i will screw up anyway 
                              5.destory Austria's piano ( i'm so sorry Austria but i don't want to deal with Switzerland's gun! )
mcamila59 mcamila59 4 days ago
1)Germany and prussia
                              2)japan's hentai mangas
                              3) hug russia
                              4) i will not do that
1-have Germany and Prussia as my brothers 
                              2-Japans hentai manga
                              3-Hug Russia
                              4-Punch Finland 
                              5-Switzerlands property
1. German brothers
                              2. Japan's Hentai 😅
                              3. Hug Russia
                              4. ( why? ;-; )
                              5. I'll take my luck with Switzerland