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☆ Hetalia Would You Rather ☆

☆ Hetalia Would You Rather ☆

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♣ Eternal_Wonderland ♣ By CyberBlue189 Updated Nov 05, 2016

Greetings, Hetalians!

 This is the Hetalia version of the game, 'Would you rather...'. Each chapter has 5 WYRs and in the later chapters, there will be a random question. 

May you have lots of fun in this book of mine. Have an awesome day!

(Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya)

The pictures and gif(s) I use do not belong to me. CREDITS TO THE ARTIST!


NgcAlisa NgcAlisa May 14
1. Romano and Italy cuz they cute
                              2. Japan's manga 
                              3. Russia
                              4. Punch Finland slightly so he will not ger hurt
                              5. Run through Switzerland's property
SkyFly478 SkyFly478 May 17
1:Romano and Italy
                              3:Russia(he needs a hug)
                              5:Austria's piano(TEACH ME HOW TO PLAY IT FASTER SO I WONT DESTROY THEM!!)
                              1)Germany and Prussia. 
                              3)big brother of course! I love his hugs and cuddling him in his BIIG jacket! ^^
                              4)0.o Greece. 
                              5)XDD OMGGG HAHAHAHAHAHAH run through switzerlands property!
1.Romano and Italy
                              2.Hentai manga
                              3.Hug Russia
                              4.Punch Finland in front of Sweden 5.Destroy Austria's piano
First: Italy and Romano
                              Second: Japans hentai manga
                              Third: Hug Russia <3
                              Fourth: Throw Greece's cats on the wall
                              Fifth: Run through Switzy's property
lyraginne lyraginne Mar 29
1- italian brothers
                              2-japan's hentai
                              3-be hugged by italy
                              4-playfully punch finland ( i won't hurt him and i can't really throw the cats because i hate animal abuse and own two kittens)
                              5- run in switzerland's property(i have a crush on austria)