☆ Hetalia Would You Rather ☆

☆ Hetalia Would You Rather ☆

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♣ Eternal_Wonderland ♣ By CyberBlue189 Updated Nov 05, 2016

Greetings, Hetalians!

 This is the Hetalia version of the game, 'Would you rather...'. Each chapter has 5 WYRs and in the later chapters, there will be a random question. 

May you have lots of fun in this book of mine. Have an awesome day!

(Hetalia belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya)

The pictures and gif(s) I use do not belong to me. CREDITS TO THE ARTIST!


1. Italy and Romano
                              2. Both? If I had to choose one, it would be manga
                              3. Hugged by Italy
                              4. Punch Finland (sorry)
                              5. Run through Switzerland's property
1. Both
                              2.both i like porn and hentai
                              5.bye piano
1.Italy and romano((same))
                              2. Germany's magazine ((Japan) )
                              3. Hugged by Italy  ((Hug Russia) )
                              4. Punch Finland ((throw Greece's cats))
                              5. Run through Switzerland's property.((same) )
TitansBlood TitansBlood Jan 16
1. Germany and Prussia
                              2. Japan's
                              3. Hug Russia!
                              4. Neither
                              5. I'll take my chances with Switzerland
1) German bros (Self defence practice)
                              2) Germany's magazines
                              3) Hug Russia
                              4) Punch Finland *lightly punches Finland* 
                              5) Switzerland
1. Italy and Romano 
                              2. Germany magazines
                              3. hugged by Italy 
                              4. Punch Finland (sorry)
                              5c Run through Switzerland's property