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(#Watty's 2015)
(Vanossgaming Fanfiction)

MacKenzie Blake is just your average 21 year old.. Well, almost. She has just moved to Los Santos to start her acting and singing career. She hasn't been there even a week and she's already in a predicament. She has been captured by a gang, tied up and questioned about another gang that sounds oddly familiar to her. She doesn't know what to think, then out of no where the gang that is questioning her is attached. What will the attackers do with her? Will they find her useful? Will they kill her? Will she find love with one of them? MacKenzie will find out soon enough..

Hi! This is my first story so I have no idea how this will turn out.. Also, I'm doing this on my iPad so if anything seems messed up, that's probably why.. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this!!

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Don't Canadians sound like Americans bit of course what do I know
WeirdGirl2364 WeirdGirl2364 Apr 09, 2015
Good chapter. Don't worry about bad feedback, just know you have more supporters
WeirdGirl2364 WeirdGirl2364 Apr 09, 2015
I didn't know you started a story. Where have I been? Boy oh boy, let me read this chapter.
cheeseburgershark07 cheeseburgershark07 Apr 04, 2015
awesome chapter! I really like the storyline! It was very well written also!
FrenchFry49 FrenchFry49 Apr 01, 2015
@IBecameAMagicalFox Aww!! You're so welcome! It was a lot of fun, and thank you so much!! And lol!! Please stay ALIVE!!! WUB YOU TOO!!!
Al3shu Al3shu Apr 01, 2015
OMG..... THANKIES!!!!!!! THIS MEANS SO MUCH TO ME!!!!!!!! YOU'RE SO GOOD AT WRITING!!!!!! I'M DYING FOR THE NEXT CHAPTER ( also because I ate very spicy Cheetos, but I'm dying more for the sake of the next chapter!!! ) CANT WAIT!!!!!!! WUB YOU!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️