When Worlds Collide (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover)

When Worlds Collide (Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover)

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"Bella, we have a second child, a human one. What should we do with it?" Edward asked Bella.

"Get rid of it Rosalie, she isn't Edwards daughter, she is a demigod but I don't know her father. Or you can have it if you want." Bella said to Rosalie. Rosalie looked disgusted at Bella's decision to get rid of the beautiful baby girl, even though she was a demigod.

"Rose and I will raise her. But we'll be moving, where she will never have to meet the monstrosity's that are her birth-parents. The one's who didn't care about her because she's human/demigod. Goodbye people we love. We'll contact you when we have a chance. We love you." Emmett said and then Rosalie and Emmett packed and left America. 

They moved to London because Rosalie was a witch and Emmett was a wizard and their friends from Hogwarts lived there. Their friends names were James and Lily Potter. Emmett and Rosalie named their daughter Liana Quinn Cullen. 

When the Potters died, the Cullen's took their son, Harry in.

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23waydek 23waydek Feb 12
Where da heck is Percy and why do Harry and lia living togethor are they just dating our what????🧐🧐🤬🤬🤨🤨🤨
EmilyM333 EmilyM333 May 08
SO THAT IS WHY THE BOOK IS CALLED "WHEN WORLDS COLLIDE"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Unity_Hufflepuff Unity_Hufflepuff Nov 12, 2017
You Have Sex with a god or a person and when you get pregnant you get rid of it SHAME ON YOU THIS IS WHY I HATE BELLA
Zinniawilliams23443 Zinniawilliams23443 Aug 03, 2016
Uhm that is not Percy Jackson and if you don't get it right I will loom up your IP address and give you a pics of my mind
poplikefans poplikefans Apr 13, 2016
Reading for the second time and magic and demigods for the 4th
enchanteIIa enchanteIIa Jul 04, 2015
I'm confused though. If Harry and Liana end up together at the end why in the prophecy does it say that Percy and Liana are supposed to be together?