Hybrid Innocence

Hybrid Innocence

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-InBetween- By -InBetween- Updated Jul 17, 2016

Laila: a small, blonde haired-blue eyed kitten hybrid with a not so great past.
Height: 4' 10"
Weight: 90 lbs.
Age: 17
Type of kitten: Persian Cat
Personality: shy, scared, shaky, timid
Traits: uneducated, anxiety, panic attacks, nearly anorexic, claustrophobic

Xen: a tall, muscular, quite rich brunette with a serious approach to life.
Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 190 lbs.
Age: 24
Personality: aggressive, serious, hurtful at times yet caring in his own odd way
Traits: anger issues, well educated, forgetful

What happens when these two meet?
Will they bond with each other?
Or will it not work out?

updates every other sunday/highly irregular :)

forestdiver forestdiver Aug 02
... if she's about 4'10 she's not anorexic, stop trying to glorify it
- - Apr 08
MY NAME IS LAILA 😋😝😛😛😜😁😀☺😆😄😊
kiana658 kiana658 Jul 21, 2016
im 5"4 and a rereader the first time i read this there were only 16 chapters now theres 30 something lol
lmcdonald1234 lmcdonald1234 Oct 23, 2016
I have one question...how is she 4'10 and be 17?Im 4'11 and I'm 12......no hate btw I can tell I love the book already :)
BriABly BriABly Jan 07, 2016
I know someone already said but he should weigh more. I know a 14yr old that's 6"5 and 165lds and he's  scrawny. So your guy should be like  235lbs or something..   :)
Aridia Aridia Jan 05, 2016
Love Persian cats and umm well I LOVE all cats, dogs, kitten's, spiders, reptiles.