I Will [Paul McCartney/Beatles Fanfiction]

I Will [Paul McCartney/Beatles Fanfiction]

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Ever since Paul's wife-to-be abandoned him at the altar, he's given up all hope of ever falling in love, and while it hurts to see the other members of his band happily married, he's firm with his decision. 

In 1967, just after this takes place, the Beatles are dealing with the stress of the loss of their manager and the planning of their upcoming tour and album. The press has been attacking Paul with the rumors of his failed wedding and he's about ready to break down. The next person to try and take his photo, however, is Carmen Dalton, an aspiring photographer who spots him outside of Abbey Road studios one day and attempts to take his picture, an action to which Paul responds by breaking her camera.

When his secretary makes him take her out to lunch as an apology, though, he finds that he actually has a lot in common with Carmen and rather likes her. So what'll she do when he invites her to accompany him on the Magical Mystery Tour? And what'll he do if she falls for him?

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flowersinthebackyard flowersinthebackyard Aug 20, 2017
oh drat I thought this was about Linda, I actually like Jane lol
XJamesBuchananX XJamesBuchananX Oct 29, 2017
_YaKnow_ _YaKnow_ Nov 14, 2017
Ohhh but we all know Faul isn't a rumour, don't we😳😱 (jk😅💕
PipeAndGlasses PipeAndGlasses May 10, 2015
I understand how Paul feels but that was still so mean! But I would be angrier if I didn't know that it would end up bringing them together