I'm Your Slave ♀ Multi Ship's VERY SLOW UPDATES

I'm Your Slave ♀ Multi Ship's VERY SLOW UPDATES

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Your Fairy Tail Girl By Yana-Chan Updated Oct 22, 2016

As you can see by the title this is a lemon book.

Not just lemons but this is a story.

A story between the main ship's.

This is another AU. 


  • gale
  • gruvia
  • jerza
  • miraxus
  • nalu
Hakuna_Matata_11 Hakuna_Matata_11 Aug 13, 2017
I have never masturbated before so when I read this I was like 'it can't be that easy can it'....it is
Aims890 Aims890 May 02, 2016
Me: oh.....ok.....kinky
                              Cousin: stop reading lemons so much they make u say things out loud!
                              Me: you'd like that wouldn't u
                              Cousin: yes!
                              Me: * opens curtains*
                              Cousin: F**** ITS BRIGHT * golem noises
                              Me: what the fu-
http-mintyoongi http-mintyoongi Oct 23, 2016
Sex is not cruel but it does hurt 😏
                              I swear I'm too young to be reading lemons but I'm obsessed with them
FairyTailNaluIsLife FairyTailNaluIsLife Jul 26, 2016
*not old enough* *loves lemons* I WILL READ 'DIS LEMON FILLED BOOK!!!!
"Ah,ah''  I moan as I rub my clit.
                              I don't know why but this sentence is making me laugh out loud. ヾ(¯ ∇ ¯ ๑)
WiltingLotus WiltingLotus May 17, 2015
uhh did she just nvm XD  but im looking foward to this book! <3 ^w^