Captive (Vampire Lesbian Stories)

Captive (Vampire Lesbian Stories)

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Several decades after a horrible plane crash that supposedly claimed the life of a beautiful young brunette at the peak of her career, she appears in a very curious situation. 

A violent mugging leaves a young woman desperate, and in exchange for saving her mother, the daughter agrees to give her own life to the mysterious savior, though she doesn't understand the reasoning. She was prepared to die to save her mother, but there was something else planned. She was expected to not only live, but serve, the mysterious brunette, leaving college and everything about her life behind. 

The seemingly random encounter unfolds to be something much more. 

  They say we all have our demons, but some are more present than others.

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pokyzard pokyzard Aug 04, 2017
No ma, it wasn't him it was me. You see I was too gay for him.
arcticfaux arcticfaux Jul 28, 2017
I don't like how you're doing the talking parts( Demi: ....) but otherwise it is certainly an attention grabber
Nighttime_Dreaming Nighttime_Dreaming Dec 26, 2017
I forget about this story from account to account but i found it again and damn I've still mot finished it 😂
Rhaellas_Shadow Rhaellas_Shadow Apr 06, 2017
This is useful. Can I borrow this for when I take road trips with my girlfriend and sister?
Leelee005 Leelee005 May 02, 2017
Can't imagine this being Demi XC but I like the story so far
zarasque zarasque Jan 11, 2017
So your vampires have some kind of domination power? I mean, beside the blood power wich is common. That's a vampire by my heart