Yours Truly:The Beginning

Yours Truly:The Beginning

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Book 1 

Follow Naomi the 25 year old young girl as she goes through breakups, makeups, and romance. Will she find the right one? 

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Biihhhhh!!!! how you gone leave me by myself!?! Practically begged me to come with you...see that's why I myself don't go out especially if I'm not driving no thank you cause if I get left that'll be the LAST time anybody asks me to go anywhere 😤😒
Qveenniala_ Qveenniala_ Aug 20
I would bang on the wall and be like Mary shut up and take the D damn😑😭😭
Thank god she didn't say yeah . I hate books where the girls just met the boys and by the second chapter they already together and she probably pregnant 😑
AmmiBoo3 AmmiBoo3 Jul 25
Wow... Demanding huh😏.. Ain't even asked just done told her ass😂
Half of y'all would have knocked her in her face too so hush with all the extra 🙄🙄🤚 y'all reaching
🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️Girl...just...😒😒aite she gone be a walking package if she don't get a grip...