I Will Scream For You  (Cricky book 1)

I Will Scream For You (Cricky book 1)

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The first book in my Cricky series!

Book 2: 'Living In A Fantasy'
Book 3: 'Moving On'

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X_Cricky_X X_Cricky_X Apr 05
Ha same but I don't know what people say about me I block them out
I have the same problem, but I haven't been diagnosed with it. I do know that I have it
This sounds like me. I wouldn't exactly call myself emo though. And I would totally sit in the back of the room if my teachers let me.
imaemobookworm imaemobookworm Jul 05, 2016
I'd be the person that would run away with the persons phone when rhey hand it to me.
Trapp3dInMyOwnMind Trapp3dInMyOwnMind Jul 05, 2016
Chris is me. Except I'm not emo or for or scene i just wear alot of band merch and everybody says I'm goth
baillieann baillieann Jul 10, 2015
I've never related to a story so much. I have Schizophrenia, I have paranoia. Wow man, trippy