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Lola - noun

❝ Strong woman❞

This is the type of girl that once she's in your heart she'll stay there for ever

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*Before embarking on L O L A, I would suggest the reading L O L I T A first to understand the events that happen in this story* 
Cover by @memoriesontheshelf

Coco_Ellen Coco_Ellen Sep 02, 2016
This is wha t happens when you have children with an underage girl.
Wintergal00 Wintergal00 Oct 04, 2015
Awwwwh a bany I'm thinking if she's screaming why's he so calm? Lol
Genius-pig Genius-pig Sep 03, 2015
This like the first chapters and I already feel my heart aching
- - Jul 23, 2015
wait did you restart this story? just got back to reading it and I love that Chris is the main c yes
xxJulietxx xxJulietxx Jul 08, 2015
Aw, just aw.
                              The last words on this chapter really hit me. 
                              Even though your chapters are short, but they are on the point and sweet!
xxJulietxx xxJulietxx Jul 08, 2015
This is the best intro I've ever seen that's about daddies on their babies!
                              And Lola just became my favorite name as I read this.