hair color → muke + a bit of cashton

hair color → muke + a bit of cashton

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in the world that luke hemmings grew up in, you could only hang out and fall in love with people who had the same hair color as you. the people you could talk to would be in color, everyone else was in black and white. if you talked to anyone who you saw in black and white, you would be arrested because then you were messing with the "natural way of life". the government knew exactly who you could and could not talk to.

your soulmate was only suppose to have the same hair color as you, and this was how the government kept everything in check. another rule they had was you could not be gay and if you were this was punishable by death.

but what happens when four guys with different hair colors all accidently bump into eachother in the hallway, and they all see each other in screaming colors?

_MiraLynn_ _MiraLynn_ Jan 13
Welp I'm black and white
                              THATS OKAY I ONLY WEAR BLACK ANYWAYS
MakeshiftChemistry_ MakeshiftChemistry_ Nov 18, 2016
everyone is saying to choke but this is actually how i reply when people say sorry to me
VionaEka5 VionaEka5 Jan 06
i want to say mikeys cute but ASHTON IS OMG but then OMG LUKE and then OMG CALUMS HOT but then MIKEY- ok
fanboyyy fanboyyy Mar 29, 2015
im so excited for this. i literally cried when i read the description of this book. im just an emotional guy. i love the whole concept of this book! i cant wait.