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Cole~Bradley By ColeBradley21 Completed

A 22 year old psychopath draws us into a world of chaos, cynicism and callous murder. When you believe that your actions are insignificant in regards to the universe, there's nothing stopping you from taking whatever you want. The line between genius and insane is very thin, but only you can judge which side this narcissistic narrator speaks from.

Mxgician Mxgician Jan 07
I like writing down all my dreams and thinking + going over them again when I'm more awake.
MyLifeMyRules224 MyLifeMyRules224 Dec 26, 2016
I love how different this character is than most other main characters in books!
Dr_Shadow_Hallows Dr_Shadow_Hallows Dec 09, 2016
Well...this person is absolutely malicious. That escalated quickly
TinaBelcher_12 TinaBelcher_12 Dec 22, 2016
I love how she is actually aware of certain things besides killing. Most books don't go this deep into the character. They just portray them as stereotypical people with no regards to our universe. Only eliminating the people in it
TinaBelcher_12 TinaBelcher_12 Dec 22, 2016
The rationale of a psychopath. This book is really helping me understand psychopathy more. Especially since I want to be a psychology major
Guillotine17 Guillotine17 Dec 05, 2016
This guy is not even regular ice he's glacier ice