A Werewolf Cinderella Story

A Werewolf Cinderella Story

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Mia Tess has had her ups and downs as a human in her messed up life. Her parents died at a young age leaving Mia getting adopted by werewolf and having her be the servant since she was 7.

One night the Alpha Prince Duke Howler is hosting a ball for all the girls in his kingdom to find his mate and marry her. When Mia and her step sisters, Perry and Nancy get invited that's when the magic happens.

WARNING: Sexual Content

You saved 1000 dollars and still don't have a lot of clothes
ImOnlyTheQueen ImOnlyTheQueen Oct 17, 2016
You're eighteen years old, and you've saved up $1,000. Is the only reason you're staying because of school?
xxCrystalVanityxx xxCrystalVanityxx Feb 07, 2016
If she's adopted they wouldn't be step parents or stepsister's. She would either refer to them as foster parents or her actual parents.
199683 199683 Apr 04, 2016
I just stared at the name and was like "Is this a divergent/werewolf F anfiction?!" Admit it guys that would be awesome
SaschaStark SaschaStark Aug 15, 2016
Honestly this chick just sounds like a whiny b!tch. I mean maybe nobody is friends with this chick cause all she will do is slut shame them and seems to have a high and mighty attitude
asongemine asongemine Jul 17, 2015
Tobias haa haaa my dads middle name we always tease him ant it