Oak St James

Oak St James

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Lellsy By Lellsy Updated Oct 16, 2014

Title: Oak St James 

Characters/Pairings: Harry/Louis, mentions of Louis/OFC (Other Fictional Character) and Liam/Danielle. 

Rating: Mild R 

Summary: A seasonal story. Harry moves from the city of Manchester to a remote Devonshire village. It's a bit of a cultural shock to say the least but he soon finds what has been missing from his life; community spirit and Louis Tomlinson. 

Disclaimer: This story is complete fiction - i.e. it had never happened. All real people in this story own themselves and I am in no way affiliated with them. Nor do I make any money from writing this.

Authors Note: A story that wouldn't let me sleep until I started writing it. Sorry if it isn't what you've come to expect from me x

Also, for those wondering about Like Diamonds. It should be up about 2-3 weeks after this has finished posting (I hit a block with it for a while and am playing catch up now) x

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bigcrofty bigcrofty Sep 10, 2014
Will you return to this story at some stage? It's been a long time and I've been waiting patiently; the last chapter ended in a fashion that requires closure.
serendipityandDreams serendipityandDreams Dec 10, 2013
Oh gosh i hope u havent given up on this story. Id love to read the rest.
ponymom ponymom Jul 08, 2013
Your story reminds me a bit of my favorite book series, All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot. Especially the character Harry, coming to a small town from the "big city". Really enjoy the story.
tracib2003 tracib2003 May 12, 2013
I love this story. So far I just simply love your writing style as well. When will next chapter be?
beezuable beezuable Jan 07, 2013
Omg amazing :-) i can't live without you story, pls write it faster :-) it's incredibly good and your write technic is so realistic :-) ily xoxo
Lellsy Lellsy Jan 04, 2013
@ownedbytommo Wow!Thank you ever so much! I truly hope this story doesn't disappoint you x