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Blind Raven (Kuroshitsuji Fanfic)

Blind Raven (Kuroshitsuji Fanfic)

46.5K Reads 2.1K Votes 14 Part Story
Neko-chan By NekoGirl08 Completed

I can't make descriptions to save my life, so why not check it out?

YaoShii_ YaoShii_ May 01, 2016
what!? The heyl!? This made me laugh a lot I really mean it, like what the heyl gurl heyl no...!!!
BeingWeirdIsTheBest1 BeingWeirdIsTheBest1 Jul 25, 2016
I bought green tea pocky because I never tried it before and as soon as I ate some of it I literally offered my sister it and she ate one and she said naw and now I'm stuck with it so I have to eat all of it •^•
Well that's one way to start off a book  its dark and twisted I like it continue
LeReaperOfLegends LeReaperOfLegends Nov 06, 2016
Continue please. It's actually really hard to find a fanfic that incorporates a good story line and good grammer at the same time. Ahem, especially the grammer part. Like,  have you seen the fanfics nowadays?
SolitarySoldiers SolitarySoldiers Apr 01, 2016
Wait I thought she was blind? Or something like that... Or is she just blind to the reality and truth to the world?
X-Skull_23 X-Skull_23 Mar 28, 2016
I tried Green Tea before and I hated it!! It  had no flavor, i didn't taste anything