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The Alphas Bitch

The Alphas Bitch

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Xxcrushed_jemxX By Xxcrushed_jemxX Updated May 23, 2016

"I'll fiddle You Like a violin. then, i'll break you like stick.I'll fucking make you my bitch and you'll love it to the end"
Riley O'Neal is a regular wolf until she meets sezy ass Ezra McCoy who is a bipolar hard ass/player/Jack ass/cruel/sexy as Fuck Alpha of the dark Moon pack sex god.
and on top of that a horny mate who seems to love breaking her heart and coming back for seconds.
Riley has a choice to be his Bitch forever or grow some balls. She learns how to master her on life and grow in strength.

join there sexy hot love story and the adventures she goes on not to be attached to that name any more THE ALPHA'S BITCH.

Goddess135 Goddess135 Jul 08, 2016
first part into the story and I can already relate..... my mom told me that before 😂😂
Amoeba_music Amoeba_music Jul 15, 2016
I kicked a car for the same reason!! But it wasn't my car so when I finally noticed that I ran like hell when the alarm went off.😌
BAE_4DAYZ BAE_4DAYZ Apr 26, 2015
smacks face and casually dosnt care ,let me take my seat lol
Precious_Miracle13 Precious_Miracle13 Mar 30, 2015
ur my bff of course id love it but y does the tag seem like it's based of my wattpad name