The Billion Dollar Getaway [#6]

The Billion Dollar Getaway [#6]

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"What are you doing here?"

Theo tucked his hands into his pockets and shrugged. "I don't know."

"You're lying."

"Of course I am," he said, glancing down at the furious woman. "I wouldn't hop on a plane for no reason. I can't stand being apart from you, Serena."

"Our last conversation doesn't convince me of that." She turned in her chair to avoid his gaze and stubbornly crossed her arms over her chest. "Is this it for us, Theo?"

"What do you mean?"

She took a deep breath and fought the cry that threatened to escape her. "Is this where we decide we're finished trying?"

Why are you doing this in front of Serena.  You should've done this alone and then told her
I trusted him with all my heart
                              Be gone Theo. Get lost *smh*
This isn't true. Its a lie. Pleas let it be a lie. My heart bruh. Please let him be lying
I hope everyone knows he is not saying he was cheating 😂😩
tintoi4 tintoi4 Aug 04
its her who dosen't love him is she can't trust her husband enough...what? can't  he jst go to work now?why crying over such things
nur_amirova nur_amirova Feb 24
wtf tristan i still have faith in you theo so  dont you worry