Darkness Follows...(BBC Sherlock Fanfiction).

Darkness Follows...(BBC Sherlock Fanfiction).

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Darcy Byrne, a surprisingly intelligent orphan girl from London, stumbles upon Jennifer Wilson's body at Brixton, Lauriston Gardens. She follows the Holmes and Watson duo around on all of their cases, much to Johns annoyance but Sherlock thinks otherwise. Has he found a child who sparks his interest enough for him to begin to care about her?

What will happen when her traumatic past catches up with her? And there's nothing any of them can do to solve the case? 

Follow Darcy as she reeks havoc with Dr Watson's stability, intrigues Mr Holmes and basically pees off Mycroft.


Not completely edited yet. 
Started- 30 March 2015
Finished- 2 March 2016

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Crossing_Jordan Crossing_Jordan Dec 23, 2017
ok I love harry potter but all the people worthy of being a marauder (NOT peter) are dead and that makes me sad. I love this already
Areonniell Areonniell May 04, 2017
Omfg I thought is was saying Mr Smaug.... I was confused 😂
gonenimo gonenimo Dec 07, 2017
At least he cared enough to drag her along instead of leaving her there I guess???
LifeInsideTheTardis LifeInsideTheTardis Aug 07, 2017
Oh dear 
                              Moriarty's relative possibly?
                              Just a coincidence?
                              The universe is never so lazy
                              Let's roll
slushpuppiequeen slushpuppiequeen Dec 05, 2016
I was attracted to this story because peeved off Mycroft is my fave Mycroft 😂