New Possibilities (Doctor Who)

New Possibilities (Doctor Who)

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Life was normal for Lily, normal and boring.

She’s twenty-three and still living at home, though by her own choice, she still wished she could get out.

She stayed to help out her mum, she needs the help, though she’d never admit it. 

Lily and her nineteen year old sister Rose both work at the same shop. Though Lily was there first, and as the manager, she always liked to throw in Rose’s face that she would have never gotten the job unless Lily had hired her.

And yes, as flowers, the both of them stuck up for each other. The name calling in school had always been something that they hadn't allowed the other to endure alone.

Lily longed for the day that something, anything, would happen to her and her mind numbingly boring daily routine would change, even if just in the slightest. And little did she know, that today was that day. And not only would things change, her entire life was about to be affected.

And all by a single man….
 Well, alien.

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