Vegeta X Female Saiyan Reader

Vegeta X Female Saiyan Reader

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x-blueunicorns-x By x-blueunicorns-x Updated Mar 29, 2016

(Might put this on my DeviantArt. Exclusive Wattpad only story. For now...) If you reading this then either 1) You can't find more Vegeta X Readers or 2)Just finding something to do. p.s. I wrote this because I only found 1 Vegeta X Reader p.p.s. You're welcome.


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Lil_Linky Lil_Linky Feb 02, 2016
Wait, I'm confused. Is this when Goku was like a kid? I'm sorry, I haven't been able to see much for a while. Like a LONG while....
creativegirl35769 creativegirl35769 Feb 04, 2017
The first time I heard his name, I actually thought it was Radish 😂
http-kedamono http-kedamono Oct 14, 2015
I have brown hair(with blue highlights) and blue eyes. My hair is very curly. What would that make me in the saiyen level?
XxAngelAngstxX XxAngelAngstxX Oct 11, 2015
I have blonde hair and blue eyes so am I just super 24/7 then?
AnimeFreak7765 AnimeFreak7765 Oct 09, 2015
This is basically telling me:
                              I'm A MotherFauking Boss Ass Bish!!!!!   XD
Hetalia-Girl1 Hetalia-Girl1 Aug 03, 2015
I love fighting  but I scare people when I get mad so can relate to this