Magisterial |HS| ✔️

Magisterial |HS| ✔️

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Madison By styles_sugar Completed

This version of Magisterial (the original) was written over the course of two years where I was changing as a writer and growing as a person, so this is neither my proudest nor my finest piece of writing. Read at your own risk and bear in mind that this is my first completed story. The Magisterial rewrite is currently in the works and posted on my profile. 

"I can't have this interfere with my work life, which I should add, always comes first."

It takes a change in habit for CEO and business founder Harry Styles to discover that work is certainly not the most important thing in his life.

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haxxylove haxxylove Jul 31
In 6th grade  i spend one class seeing my crush (i was in front of him)  i think nobody will notice, you know what happend them... poor me.
Nuh uh. U better not try going all dark after saying I love you mum on the phone less than 10 seconds ago
bieberstune bieberstune Jul 21
i feel like harry's one of the only guys who looks hot with flared nostrils
Smiler__20 Smiler__20 Aug 25
That's My name but i like to write my name Rawan instead of Rowan i hate when people write my name Rowan
bieberstune bieberstune Jul 21
haha that's my friend's name but i can't show her this cause she's probably gonna get weirded out hahaahhahaha
orphiclove orphiclove Aug 29
Bruh that's how gonna start a book...that's how u know the book is juicy and will be good